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standing Skills

Self defense isn’t about punching. It’s about creating boundaries, maintaining distance, and being able to safely escape. We cover all this in our classes.

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ground skills

What happens when a conlict goes to the ground? Our programs teach you how to be in control on the top and bottom when you’re on the ground and safely get away.

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Repetition creates faster reflexes and stronger muscle memory. Show up, practice the skills and you will be prepared if and when you need to use these skills in the real world.

What Do teens & adults Do in Our Class?


Warm up your Body

We start all classes with warming up our bodies and stretching to prepare for the class ahead. We make it super fun and enjoyable right from the start.


Learn New Skills

Each class focuses on introducing, practicing, and mastering a new standing and ground technique that will build your skillset.


Safely spar & practice

You learned a new skill, now we have to practice it in controlled situations. Sparring and partner work are essential in mastering your jiu-jitsu skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

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You get 10 days free and we encourage you to come as often as you can. The more classes you attend, the better you’ll get and faster you’ll develop and improve your skills.

We will check-in with you during your trial to see how everything is going. When you’re ready, our team will walk you through the enrollment process.