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body control

Physical Skills

Strength, coordination, and body control are the foundation for healthy and confident kids. We help them build those physical traits now

geneva martial arts for kids parents

parent support

We encourage our parents to get out on the mats during each class and support your child. This gives you and your child quality one-on-one time and let’s them know how much you love seeing their effort.

group martial arts classes geneva il


Leadership for little kids is like being a superhero in real life! When they’re leaders, they make friends easily and can help guide others. 

What Do Kids Do in Our Classes?


Move & Warm up Their Bodies

We start all classes with having the kids warm up their bodies and stretch. We make it super fun so they enjoy class right from the start.


Work on New Ninja Skills

We don't just teach kicking and punching. Each class focuses on introducing, practicing, and mastering a new skill that will benefit them.



We ask parents to come out and help their child learn their new skills. This is great bonding time and creates special memories for parents and students.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Click the “Get Started” button to take advantage of our current web special, schedule a free evaluation, and come visit our facility.

That depends on your schedule and program, but many families with 3-6 year olds are successful with attending as little as one class per week. If they love classes, we likely have a program that will allow them to attend more!

We will check-in with you during your trial to see how everything is going. When you’re ready, our team will walk you through the enrollment process.

What Parents Say About Geneva Martial Arts?

Your child’s activity should be fun AND teach them life skills…

Jennifer Johnson

Great Birthday party’s Amazing instructor!! We came to a Birthday party and decided to join and have been a part of this incredible school for eight years now. We love it!!

Michael Trotter

My child had his birthday party there. Kids and parents had a great time. At least 20 kids at party they all seemed attentive. I may even enroll myself into a class. My son wants to join a class.

Amy H

If you’re local and looking for a fun place for a birthday party check out Kyuki-Do Martial Arts of Geneva, Inc.. My 2nd grader just had his birthday party there and everyone had a blast, even the girls. They were great with the kids and taught them some respect all while making them laugh. They took care of all of the details that I’d normally stress over: invitations, cupcakes, games & fun, piñata, a t-shirt to sign, goodie bags and even wrote the gift list down for me. It was the first party I’ve ever done for my kids where we literally showed up empty handed. So stress free and so much fun.

Amanda Chack

We had our son’s birthday party here on July 14th and it was a great experience. The kids played games, had cupcakes and juice, struck a pinata, and got goody bags. My son got an autographed shirt. We wanted pizza and they arranged for that too. A total stress free and fun party!

Shari Ralish

Mr. and Mrs. Koffenberger run a very professional martial art studio. I have watched their business grow and improve over the past 10 years. When my son earned his black belt, he reflected that Mr. K. has been one of the most supportive people in his life. Mr. K’s influence will be felt over his lifetime I’m sure. The teachings are fun and at the same focused on discipline. They participate in many community events and are family focused.

Alex Garbe

This is a great place to learn some discipline and self defense. Perfect for families. The Koffenbergers are very easy to work with. They do well with kids and adults alike.